For any boat, in order to work and make charters in Greece, it is necessary to own a professional license delivered by the Hellenic merchant navy Ministry, a local address, be registered at the tax office and open a Greek bank account.
Every boat belonging at the European Community can obtain a license without change the flag subject to possess an official flag allowing to work legally. If not, the faster way could be to pass the boat under the commercial Greek flag.

They are two ways to be allowed to work in Greece :

It is possible to run a new business in Greece . The actual business must sell the boat to the new business.
It is equally allowed to organize a branch for the business that owns the boat in Greece with a manager on the spot. In order  to do this, the business which owns the boat must be registered into the European Union. 

Then we can ask for the professional license. Many papers must be translated and certified thanks to the Apostil seal (certification allowed by The Hague Convention the 5th October 1961).
Moreover boat armament must be conform to Greek security standards for professional boats. It implies a security visit which will be performed by an empowered organism (Lloyds for example). At the end of the visit, a certificate will be deliver (protocol)

From then on, an official application could be dropped off to the competent authorities administration office. Notwithstanding all the documents must be translated and sealed the Apostil stamp, have an official report from the board of directors to create a branch in Greece and to practise a professional activity. It allows the manager to follow necessary procedures to obtain a professional license for the renting of boat. The report must be translated in Greek and be sealed by the Apostil stamp.

Will be required a certificate from the manager of the society appointing a legal representative giving him the power to follow administrative procedures to Hellenic organisms, navy ministry or maritime authorities. This proxy must be sealed by a legalization of the manager's signature which can be done before a solicitor in Greece or at the Greek consulate.

The production cost for all procedures will not exceed 8,000EUR (administrative taxes, lawyer fee, navy inspection) for a pleasure boat until 21 meters. Costs not included are compliance upgrade of the boat (if necessary).

It'll only take a few weeks on condition that all the documents are in compliance with the law.

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